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Gates Performance Engineering, Inc.
Specializing in custom V twin engine building & design for over 30 years, incorporated in 1992. We offer a very wide range of high performance parts and services.


  • Complete custom engine building.

  • Cylinder head design & modifications (ports & chambers etc.).

  • Custom 3d designing and machine work.

  • Fuel injection development and mapping.

  • Dyno testing & tuning.

  • Air flow analysis & development work.

About us . . . . .

The people at Gates Performance are a rather unique group. Most of us have 25+ years in the motorcycle or automotive racing, advanced design, or experimental & prototype industries.

We have set national records the last two years in a row at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Both times with engines we had been riding on the street. They were raced in classes that were open to race only engines (and were 400 cc's short of the class limit).

We believe in research, thought and technology as opposed to brute force and $$$. We are not saying our engines and components are inexpensive, but we are saying that you will get more than you pay for.

--  We take great pride in our work.  --



 We have designed and built some extremely unique engines. From knuckles to twin cams, or even major design innovations like our National Record Setting  154 & 158 Cubic Inch (street ridden) Engines.  If You 'd  like something a bit beyond  the usual performance packages, give us a call.

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Laingsburg, Michigan  48848
(517) 675-7105
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